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Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM

Sun Closed


Each artist will provide you with an aftercare package and will go over aftercare thoroughly after your session.

How much?

Varies depending on your artist and request. Smaller tattoos will be given a flat rate.

Shop minimum?

Starting rate (Permanent Tattoo) $150 

Starting rate (Temporary Tattoo) $25

How to book?

Each artist controls their own booking. Please follow artist on our Instagram to be updated on booking dates. You can view booking forms on our booking tab.

Touch ups?

Artist will discuss touch up policy after your session. 


Appointments based. Call us for walk-in status. Follow our Instagram for walk-in availabilities.

Can I bring a Guest?

Yes, but most artist prefer that you come alone to limit distractions and movement. Most clients don't realize they move a lot more while having guest. 

GUest spots

We may be opening guest spots later this fall 2024~

Preview of Design?

Not all designs are sent out prior to your appointment. Design changes can be made at the time of your appointment. We recommend giving your artist as much freedom as possible to create the best tattoo possible. 


Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Zelle


Deposits are required to secure your tattoo appointment. If you are late and miss your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited. 

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