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Interested in Booking?

Interested in securing an appointment or have any inquiries? 

Please be sure to fill out the booking form to the best of your ability.

Leaving out crucial information may delay your application process. We look forward to creating and designing with you!

Before you book

Before you send a request, please check out which artist best fit your style. You can view our artist portfolio on Instagram. For more up to date post, directly follow the artist and be updated on when booking opens. On the artists' instagrams, it tells you how each artist prefers to book. Some artist prefers DMS, emails, or strictly through their own link/website. 

Must be 18 and up before you fill out an application! 

Please gather all your ideas and thoughts beforehand.

In the message, please include the following: 

-design description


-size in inches

-shading styles

-photo references

-preferred days of the week (if it is unavailable, then we will send our next opening. weekends are super limited)

-your own photo of the general place on your body for the design so we can get an idea of your frame

-include any helpful information such as if you have any scarring, any current tattoos that would affect the placement of the new design, etc...

*Not all submissions will be accepted. 


This form does not guarantee an appointment. This form allows us to view your request. Please give us a few days to forward your submission to the artist. Each artist handles and book their own appointments, so do expect slower response rate depending on which artist you select.

Upload files here
Upload files here
Upload files here

Thank you for submitting!

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What happens after my request has been approved?

After your request has been approved and a date for an appointment has been agreed upon, a deposit will be needed to secure your spot. Once you select that opening, a deposit is required ASAP or within 24hours as we do not hold spots without one. A deposit is nonrefundable and will be applied towards your session.


Once a date is agreed upon and a deposit has not been made during the given time frame, the spot will open up for the next person. 

Tattoo sketches are not guaranteed to be sent out prior to your appointment. Your design will be shown on your scheduled date and you may adjust the design before we begin the tattooing process.

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